Two Posts on Banking Union

There have been a lot of debates in recent weeks about how the Euro area’s banking union should work in practice.  I’ve written two posts relating to different aspects of this issue.  This one discusses the question of whether monetary policy should be separated from banking supervision while this one discusses whether the ECB should supervise all Euro area banks or just the large ones.

Links to Macro Data

Data from Ireland Central Statistics Office

Irish Housing Statistics

National Account Data for EU Countries: AMECO Online

US National Accounts data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

US macro and financial data (and some international data) from the St. Louis Fed’s FRED. Good for charts.

IMF World Economic Outlook database

Cross-Country PPP-comparable data from the Penn World Table.

Jorda-Schularick-Taylor MacroHistory database. Covers 17 advanced economies since 1870

US financial data from the Federal Reserve Board.

The ECB’s Data Portal.

US stock market data from Robert Shiller.

Ken French‘s data on returns for various types of stock portfolios.

Data from the World Bank on health, development, finance and other things.

Another Step Toward A Federal Europe? Talks To Expand EU Budget Could Be Watershed Moment

Newspaper reports today suggest that greater moves towards an EU fiscal union, in the form of an expanded EU budget that could perhaps partially fund unemployment benefits in member states, are being considered.  This is a further sign that Europe is going through a period of historic change. Thoughts on the benefits and problems associated with these proposals are here.