Today in Selective Quotations: Sinn Fein Fiscal Treaty Edition

Someone has just shown me a leaflet distributed by Sinn Fein promoting the case for a No vote on the Fiscal Compact treaty. The back page contains quotes titled “What the Experts Said”.

One of the quotes is from me. It says:

… the economics of this treaty are pretty terrible …

Did I say that? Well, yes, I uttered those words at a meeting of the Oireachtas Committee on European Affairs. Here‘s what I said without the dots

All that said, although I think the economics of this treaty are pretty terrible, on balance, the arguments favour Ireland’s signing up to it.

The two other economists quoted are Colm (“Voting No is a Leap in the Dark that We Can’t Afford“) McCarthy and Seamus (“there is little to be gained from rejecting the Treaty“) Coffey.

The other expert cited is Jack O’Connor, President of SIPTU.

I’ll leave it there.